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Roof Cleaning

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Ken's House Wash
Plainfield, NJ
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Have you taken a look at your roof lately?

Did you know that those black streaks on your roof is actually algae?

Moss, algae and lichen can shorten the lifespan of your roof. 

How? Well, this organic material absorbs heat and retains moisture on your shingles. Moisture and heat is a breeding ground for organic life. Shingles act as food for algae which will decay your shingles. Effectively reducing it's lifespan. 


Additionally,  an unsightly roof can have a negative effect on property value. Potential buyers may think the house is in need of a roof replacement when all it needs is a cleaning.


Ken's House Wash can professionally clean your roof with a process called Soft Washing. 

A roof should never be cleaned with high pressure as it will damage the shingles and remove granules. 

Ken's House Wash is the roof cleaning expert you can depend on.

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